$50 Off Coupons At ARLnow.com



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Introducing coupons, a new way to connect ARLnow.com readers with your business.

Our simple, printable and mobile-friendly coupons are the perfect way to drive sales and awareness for a low flat fee. You choose the offer and control the expiration date and the fine print. We keep track of the number of times it’s viewed and assign a unique, sequential number to each coupon.

Each coupon will rotate in the “ticker,” near the top of the site, for one week. You may also link to your coupon via Twitter, Facebook or your own website.

Try your first coupon for only $100 with this offer. Contact Scott Brodbeck at scott@arlnow.com for more details.

Limit one coupon per customer. Coupon list price: $150. Coupons rotate in the ticker, with only one coupon appearing per page view.